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The Quantum Supercreation™ Master Class creates authentic quantum leap results for your health, wealth, love and happiness. But the best of all is: you will experience the frequency shift in the very same instant you receive an QSC application.


I believe with all that I am, that you can grow into a new dimension of greatness: better health, better wealth, better lifestyle and much more fulfilling results in love and happiness. I deeply believe this because I did it and I´ve also learned working with countless people in Seminars and on a 1 to 1 advisor basis how to show others to do the same.

Doing the JumpWarp (thats how I call experiencing a Quantum Leap) moves you forward to a desired outcome - simple, easy, energy efficient and with supersonic speed. The only thing you have to do is getting out of the way. You tried affirmation, afformation, law of attraction, PNL, EFT and whatever the techniques and methods are called? You will wish that we got to know us earlier. THIS IS MY PROMISE.

WOW? What? I should JumpWarp to my next level of success? No – the „next level“ is what everyone else is offering you! Working with me as your Quantum Leap Advisor you possibly will reach out for much higher goals as just the „next level“. Why don´t stretch yourself for an entire new orbit of happiness and than just let it happen?



In the intense 4 day seminar of Quantum Creativity you will get crystal clear awareness of who you really are and you will rise to a degree of consciousness about your individual potential that will establish the most important Quantum Leap in your own personal evolution as a Human Being. The different stages of the Seminar will lay the foundation of your Unlimited Life giving you the direct experience that you are Gods highest expression of creation, creator & creation at the same time. You will learn how to be a Master of life and creation, establishing a new habit, doing the best thing in the very best way, moving forward only towards what feels light and right and letting go of what feels heavy. 

You will get used to creating outstanding results and thriving relationships, introducing to your existence great ideas, based on high emotional impact, new intelligence and the courage to live to the fullest your own life in happiness and fulfillment. 

You will accelerate your ability to help others developing and living their own life on purpose.  You will get the tools and awareness to make yourself and others achieve goals, bringing more value to life.  The Quantum Supercreation Master creates impactful results which just happen by nonlinear thinking, quantum intelligence and optimization of the ability to see fresh and original ideas. In times of profound change, everybody can Jump now with own hyperdrive-boost (by the conscious creation of a Quantum Leap, or JumpWarp) to the next degree of living the own life on purpose. 

Be Happy! Focus on fulfillment: Inspire others to do the same.

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With my very best wishes, Gisbert



I´ll be visiting in 2017 and 2018 Asia, North America, South America, Europe and perhaps my travelings will bring me also to Australia. 

Barcelona • Cali • Miami • Los Angeles • New York • Mexico City • Santiago de Chile • Madrid • Hamburg • London • Oslo • Stockholm • Paris • Phuket...

and many more

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Don´t be cheap creating your greatest success and benefit from working with me in a small and PRIVATE GROUP in one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

If you do value the time and you do recognize extraordinary opportunities, plus my exclusive inner circle treatment, than this is your unmatchable oportunity