The best thing that ever happened to me!

Answer in one of the anonymous questionnaires for quality control purposes in one of Gisbert’s seminars in Santiago de Chile.

I do understand now that the idea of magic has a scientific explanation

"I discover every week more beauty in this course and (..) it always surprises me how easy it is to learn with ”la Ola “and how much fun it makes. I do understand now that the idea of magic has a scientific explanation, but it is much more magnificent to experience it on your own, to feel and to enjoy it!” Silvia Antagli, event manager, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Everything is possible If you know to work with Quantum Supercreation!

Dr. René de Jesús Aguirre Navarro, Psychologist, Colombia.

He changed my life!

"I had chronic back pain under which I have been suffering for 7 years. They applied to me “la Ola” but I thought it is impossible to solve this pain problem. They gave me 2 “Olas” and my pain is gone! This is two weeks ago, and I am completely pain-free! My pains in the neck and in the back area have completely disappeared. I have an injury of the spinal cord I have no sensation in my legs. Among all the “olas” I started feeling my legs! I had cramps in my left leg! Something that is completely impossible! I have no feeling in my legs and suddenly felt the entire back of my leg! QSC is very easy to learn, and it is very fast regarding results. And it is available to everyone immediately." Andres Bisello Fuentes, Entrepreneur, Santiago de Chile.


I love how Gisi explains things because I understand him perfectly

"I love this course and always wait impatiently for the next video. I am fascinated by quantum physics, but it has never been possible for me to understand things around this topic so easily." Begoña Ramos, a member of the online academy, Madrid.

I am looking forward to working

with Gisbert Reuter again!

Catherine Malatesta Summers, President Lawless Entertainment (ex-Vice-President Warner Brothers TV Production), Studio City, Los Angeles, USA.


This education in a word: Spectacular!

"There is no other term to define it. It is not just about the physical part; it affects many areas of your life. When you start working with quantum leaps, you quickly find changes that can only be called spectacular. As a therapist, you often have to face a situation with a client, and you ask yourself “how can I solve this now?” Then you apply “la Ola”, the person experiences a process, after which the client resumes completely and feels resolved in such a short time. It is always amazing. And the team of Gisbert: Simply great! This education in a word: «Spectacular!»" Bartomeu Morey Massanet, Therapist, Mallorca, Baleares, Spain.


The experience can ́t be better, unsurpassable!

Ignacio Sánchez Meya, Lawyer, Barcelona, Spain.


For me, it was like a gift!

"What surprises me the most: the simplicity! It’s so simple, but you will immediately see results that you have never imagined before." Dr. Enzo Secchi Azolas, Santiago de Chile.


The fastest tool, I do know

— yes and also the most conclusive!

Lola Martin Blanco, Acupuncturist and kinesiologist & Isabel Cuenca Callado, Madrid, Spain.

The Seminar exceeded my expectations

Answer in one of the anonymous questionnaires for quality control purposes in one of Gisbert’s seminars in Santiago de Chile.


Thank you for the best seminar of my life! It’s pure magic

"After completing countless courses for personality development for over ten years, I finally found an education with which I can release my entire creative potential. It is pure magic in all facets of life." Xavier Salvia, Balaguer (Lleida), Spain.


The answer to all my questions for a very long time!

Dr. Elena Robles Espinoza, Doctor of Medicine, Ecuador.

An example to the world

First of all, congratulate you for the seminar and thank you for the enthusiasm and illusion that you have all poured into it. Thank you very much for all the information you have given us. In general, seminar instructors put obstacles and restrictions in the way of avoiding "competition," and yet you encourage the opposite, which shows that you put all your heart and all love into spreading a concept, of what you are convinced that it is for the greatest happiness of all. I admire you, and you deserve my utmost respect, you are an example to the world. If Gisi and Esther want criticism, for my part they can not be more positive. I have nothing to say other than to congratulate you all for the event. Thank you for your commitment and for the love you bring to all of us." Marc, financial expert, Barcelona.

My life will never be the same. a direct connection with the divine.

"Quantum Supercreation has changed my perspective on life, broadened my horizons and opened doors to my infinite possibilities; I feel that I have control, I know that everything is possible. It has increased my spiritual growth one thousand percent." Zeida Evangeline Coro, Lawyer, Guatemala.